Cancer Prevention

Partnering with Industry to Improve Health Outcomes for People

As part of our work with the healthcare industry, Dr Hacker provides contract research opportunities collaborating with industry partners to test new and emerging technologies.

What we test

We test websites, apps, wearables and lotions in the health industry for patient safety, usability, effectiveness and end user satisfaction.

Our expertise

We specilise in prevention, early detection and management of cancer using health and fitness wearables. Whether you’re creating a website to influence fitness and exercise, a wearable device to measure sun exposure, or an app that connects patients with their doctors, the Improving Health Outcomes for People research group is experienced in testing new innovative healthcare platforms, and assessing the real world influence they may have.

How we test your product

We tailor the research study to suit your technology and target population. Beta testing can be done using either focus groups, surveys or interviews. More in depth testing will often require either a pre-post study or a trial. We are highly experienced in randomised controlled trials, and can compare your product to an alternative, or a control group.

Why test your product with us?

1) New technology is encouraging individuals to increasingly take personal responsibility for monitoring their health.

Websites, apps and wearables are promising tools for engaging people in the prevention, detection, and management of cancer, and other chronic diseases. As this technology continues to proliferate, many authorities remain cautious about the how well the thousands of apps currently available really work. Many claim to improve health and wellness, but don’t have much evidence to prove their claim.

2) This research team can test new technology generating data to substantiate a product’s claim as well as meeting safety and regulatory standards.

To be of value, your website, app or wearable has to be safe for users, perform well and induce behaviour change in your consumer. Research is needed to assess when, where, and for whom apps and wearables and their systems are efficacious.

3) The IHOP group is a partnership between leading researchers who can deliver scientific services grounded in academic rigor and expert advice to emerging industries. As the tested products become evidence-base and enter the market, they will assist the community to improve health outcomes.

Find out how we can fit into your budget by emailing with a brief description of your product.


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