The Improving Health Outcomes for People (ihop) program of research is dedicated to undertaking quality research and education that will ultimately improve lives and reduce health disparities in Australia and worldwide. We have a special interest in:

  • Cancer prevention, early detection, and cancer survivorship.
  • Skin cancer, breast cancer and gynaecological cancer.
  • Cancer treatment-related side effects including lymphoedema, fatigue and pain.
  • Exploring the role of healthy lifestyles (in particular exercise and weight management strategies) in the prevention and management of chronic disease.

We focus on evaluating practice-changing outcomes of interest and real-world interventions that are accessible to all, and are committed to translating our research findings into practice through workforce and consumer education, policy change and improved access to healthy lifestyle services.

Our Vision: High quality research for optimal health

Our Mission: Improving Health Outcomes for People through high quality research

Our Values:

  1. Commitment to conduct high quality research that addresses peoples’ individual needs
  2. Community engagement by listening to what is needed and doing research important to individuals that will ultimately lead to a community/public health benefit
  3. Care for the factors and circumstances which impact peoples’ health
  4. Communication with internal and external stakeholders, especially consumers and research participants
  5. Collaborations of high quality that lead to optimal national and international impact