UV Spot Indicators

How to know when your sunscreen is no longer protecting you from the sun

The purpose of this ihop research project is to test commercially available UV SPOTS and a personalised wearable weather station device to ascertain if these devices are suited to aid people and facilitate sun protection behaviour.

Once applied to the skin the UV SPOT changes colour with UV light, letting you know when your sunscreen (applied over the SPOT) is no longer protecting you. Visit suncayr.ca to see how the UV SPOTs work.

The personalised wearable weather station measures the UV and temperature right where you are (via a keyring size device) and displays safe sun time on your smartphone. Visit http://qtemp.co/ for details.

As part of the study Dr Hacker is looking for Brisbane-based volunteers to test if the UV SPOT and personalised weather station can reduce the incidence of sunburn. Participation is during October/November 2016. Participants will be asked to test the UV spots for a 7-day period and attend two focus groups sessions at the start and end of the study.

Contact the researchers for further information about the study at skntec@qut.edu.au

View the 9 news video here.

Funding / Grants

  • IHBI Collaborative Research Development Grant Scheme (2016)

Other Team Members

  • Chief investigator: Dr Elke Hacker
  • Research Team: Prof Monika Janda, Caitlin Horsham