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Virtual Reality for Health Education and Wellbeing

QUT researchers want to talk to people about a new virtual reality (VR) technology designed to assist with health education and wellbeing. You will be asked to participate in a 60 minute focus group at QUT, Kelvin Grove. Prior to attending the focus group, you will be asked to complete a short demographics survey, and asked to test the VR headsets in a 5-7 minute game, then provide feedback on the experience. You will also be asked to complete an online survey 7 days after the focus group

You can participate in this research if you are 18 years of age and over. Participants are ineligible if they are pregnant or have pre-existing conditions that may affect your virtual reality experience such as vision abnormalities, psychiatric disorders, suffer from a seizure disorder, heart conditions or other serious health conditions. Implanted medical devices such as cardiac pacemakers, hearing aids & defibrillators can be affected by virtual reality components magnetic field and are therefore excluded from this study. Read more >