The LEGS trial

Lymphoedema in gynaecological cancer study

This project uses the experiences gained from the Pulling Through Breast Cancer Study and integrates these in the gynaecological cancer setting, with a specific objective to assess the incidence of lymphoedema following surgery for gynaecological cancer and to assess characteristics associated with its development. Results from the work will singificantly advance our understanding of the measurement, incidence and aetiology of lymphoedema following gynaecological cancer.

Funding / Grants

  • Cancer Australia

Other Team Members

  • Obermair A
  • Reul Hirch H
  • Ward L


  • Reul-Hirche, HildegardWard, Leigh, & Obermair, Andreas (2015) The Lymphedema Evaluation in Gynecological cancer Study (LEGS): design of a prospective, longitudinal, cohort study. Cancer Research Frontiers1(1), pp. 104-118.
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  • Hayes SC, Obermair A, Reul-Hirche H, Ward LC, DiSipio T, Janda M (2012) Quality of life detriments through self-reported swelling associated with gynaecological cancer. Lymphology. 45(suppl).