Improving the Treatment for Women With Early Stage Cancer of the Uterus (feMMe)

Currently the standard treatment for early stage endometrial cancer (cancer that arises in the lining of the uterus) is a total hysterectomy (an operation to remove the uterus) and removal of both ovaries. This study will assess a new approach to the treatment of endometrial cancer to spare women of having to undergo major surgery, that may be unwarranted. New forms of treatment are especially important for young women who still wish to have children.

The feMMe trial is a phase II randomised clinical trial of Mirena® ± Metformin ± weight loss intervention in patients who are 18 years and over with early stage cancer of the endometrium. This trial is a joint collaboration with the Queensland Centre for Gynaecological Cancer, University of Queensland and Queensland University of Technology. The trial began in October 2012 and is currently ongoing.

For more information about the trial please see the Queensland Centre of Gynaecological Cancer website


  • Quinn, MichaelGebski, ValArmes, JaneBrennan, D., &  (2014) Improving treatment for obese women with early stage cancer of the uterus: Rationale and design of the levonorgestrel intrauterine device +_ Metforminweight +_ loss in endometrial cancer (feMME) trial. Controlled Clinical Trials39(1), pp. 14-21.
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