Healthy Mobile Check-Ins

Using mobile locative media to map opportunities for lifestyle change in survivors of endometrial cancer

This study will use the geographic information systems (GIS) within smartphones to track the daily routines of 60 women who have undergone primary treatment for endometrial cancer. Participants will use smartphones to ‘check-in’ at exercise facilities (including parks and green spaces), doctor’s surgeries, hospitals, pharmacies and local physiotherapists over a two-week period. The data from these check-ins will be tailored into interventions aimed at minimising the risk of cardiovascular disease, which usually affects this target group due to lifestyle habits that continue after treatment. The study will later be developed into a large-scale preventative randomised trial for women at risk of endometrial cancer.

View further details about the Healthy Mobile Check-In study on the QUT website.

Funding / Grants

  • IHBI Collaborative Research Development Grant Scheme (2014 – 2015)

Other Team Members

  • Dr Julie-Anne Carroll
  • Dr Jaz Choi
  • Dr Tracey Washington
  • A/Prof Pamela Pollock
  • Dr Jess Rodgers
  • Nicole Robinson